What we offer

Customer satisfaction? Our aim!

We build together with our customers the appropriate offer for their needs, we make the customer's problem our own and we design the solution together, with flexibility and speed.
Is never left alone.

Made up of a wide range of partner companies of Electrical System s.n.c. on the territory, which are involved and coordinated in the various phases to carry out "Key in Hand" projects.
Thanks to the experience in the design, construction and Key in Hand supply of electrical systems in the most diverse sectors (such as civil, industrial, commercial, etc.), we at Electrical System we know the importance for our customers to be able to turn to a single qualified partner. In fact, we are aware of how frustrating it is to contact multiple professionals (such as electricians, installers, programmers, mechanics, builders, plumbers, etc.) and various interlocutors (from the large distributor of electrical equipment ... to the supplier specialized in individual parts ) for the construction of a plant.

We guarantee the maximum safety and efficiency of the systems, with cutting-edge solutions, respecting the environment and current regulations.
We also know how important is the quality and promptness of the assistance service, to minimize the times and consequences of an "online phenomenon".
For this, we of Electrical System, we can say that "we make the customer's problem our own and design the solution together with flexibility and speed".