We are specialized in the design, construction, management and assistance for automated systems and plants and solutions for automatic systems and machines, with production and industrialization, of electrical command and control panels.

We're here to use technology, according to yours need using control systems to manage machines and processes, reducing the need for human intervention, i.e. for the execution of repetitive or complex operations, but also where security is required or certainty of the action or simply for greater comfort.

Electromechanical and electronic components applied to machines with availability of technical drawings, on the protection of the health and safety of workers in all sectors of private or public activity.

Technical regulations for the installation of electronic devices and quality control procedures for industrial automation systems.

 Electronic measuring instruments for maintenance techniques.



Are able to carry out the repair of appliances, machines, systems e broken or malfunctioning automation systems. Act quickly in the cases of failure or malfunction of electrical-electronic components of automation systems.
We distinguish the operation of each individual element / electrical component and / or electronic of automated systems.
We recognize the operating characteristics of the components and equipment of automated systems and evaluate their correct functionality.
We understand the data / symbols and instructions found in the technical manuals of reference. We interpret the technical specifications of functionality of the electrical-electronic panels and of the working cycle of the system automated.
We carry out the operations for the disassembly and reassembly of the automatic installations, robots, electronic control systems using the suitable equipment. We perform component replacement interventions electric-electronic of automated systems.
We use electrical and electronic instruments and any computerized simulators for the verification of the plant system.
We interpret the responses of the control instruments and the information relating to the operation of the plant system to evaluate interventions of
production efficiency.

We identify interventions and tools for resolution of any operating anomalies and translate them into data informative.We research the best solutions to eliminate the cause and repetition of a fault.


To offer a high quality service, thanks to our experience, for guarantee turnkey solutions with attention to rationalization e resource management.